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We always copy the western countries. Why don’t we be unique? Even before the western countries landed on Moon, our ancestors had explored various planets and their impacts in human life. How they moved, their timings, etc. even without any physical tools.

Today we boast of landing on the moon that is because we achieved that someone in the western country had already done it. Because we matched someone.

I really appreciate our scientists are capable of doing something phenomenal and have the capacity to match what western countries are doing. But what we don’t match with them are the discipline and other qualities. They don’t litter, spit on the roads and urinate in the public places. They don’t violate traffic rules, etc. Why don’t we try to match these things first? Why don’t keep our country clean first.

We were always the nation of seeking spirituality however today we are seeking more pleasure just like western countries. We try to match those things that are not really necessary. This is just my opinion.

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